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My daughter will not be part of showbiz — Genevieve Nnaji

Definitely, this thespian neeeds no introduction. Genevieve Nnaji is a house hold name, a world class performer and one of the good faces of Africa's largest film industry. She speaks to Ediale Kingsley on a couple of issues at Club 10, Surulere, Lagos.
MANY of your fellow dark-skin female fans are sure glad of your successful career as someone who isn't light-skin, coming from a country that is thought to have the world's highest percentage of women using skin-lightening agents. What's your take on this?
People need to definitely erase the mindset that any other colour is better than your colour. I think it's a complex. I am dark-skinned, I know who I am inside, forget the skin. I think darker-skinned women should really focus on the inner beauty and not allow somebody else's complex or insecurities to overshadow their confidence.
Why are you still single?
If I get married, I really want to stay married and staying married is not an easy …

10 Most Paid, Richest Comedians In Nigeria

Just when some thought that making somebody laugh was just for fun, some smart practitioners turned it into a lucrative business and these days, comedians live lavishly, which has now brought about an influx of people into the sector of the entertainment industry.
In no particular order, these are some of the highest paid comedians in Nigeria as well as their estimated worth, according to Vanguard.
Ali Baba
Often called the godfather of comedy by most of his younger colleagues, Alibaba is believed to be one of the richest comedians in the land. It is believed that he is worth about N3billion. He performs for the high and mighty in the society and earns an estimated N400 million per annum.
With packed shows within and outside the country, Basketmouth commands lots of attention. He boasts of swollen pockets and fat bank accounts. With an estimated net worth of N2billion naira, he makes N192million per annum and about N120 million in endorsement deals.
I G…

Entertainers Hold Tribute Night For Oronto Douglas

A tribute night is scheduled to take place today, Tuesday, April 28, 2015, in honour of the late Special Adviser to President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan on Research, Documentation and Strategy, Oronto Douglas.
During his lifetime, Douglas was known to be a friend to the entertainment industry in Nigeria.
The renowned environmentalist died in Abuja on Thursday, April 9, 2015 after suffering from cancer.

Late Oronto Douglas


Jessica Madu,popularly known as Muma Africa bears her mind in this interview with naijaentertainers.blogspot,com.

How it all began? I went to a competition called "face of Africa and culture"', whereI came out first. What inspires you?  The beauty of Africa and the people in it.The beauty of an African queen I saw year back inspires me alot. And also a prom writing by a nine years old boy which I turned  into a song, that song was what helped me winning 'face of Africa and culture competition. What's the unique selling point of your outfit? That is showing the entire world how beautiful you can look in your cultural outfit and that we need to be who we are not who we are not, we are Africans.   How fulfilled are you in your chosen career?  I am  very passionate with my career.I have this peace on what am doing and in who I will become. I love nature. Who is your role model?  Well I don't have any role model. Well am inspired by the women in the Bible like Easter…

The Sassy One: Actress, Yvonne Jegede caught doing drugs

Before leveling your judgment based on the screaming headline, the writer craves your indulgence to read down the story, as it involves a role played by Nollywood’s talented actress, Yvonne Jegede in a yet-to-be released movie, The Sassy One.
Produced under the stables of Dabz Movie Production, the film features list of professionals like the actress herself, Yvonne Jegede alongside Shirley Igwe, Kenneth Okolie, Gift Okeke among other acts.
According to the producer, Dabby Chimere, the movie is an emotional, but social relevant one that would expose the scourge of drug and alcohol abuse in the society.
“It’s about a mother who loves her drugs more than her only girl child because she is far too addicted. Due to the fact that drug addiction has taken over her entire life, her child went on to suffer neglect and abuse in her hands. It became an appalling situation that one could not manage seeing, but to pity the child,” she said.
Promising to be different, Dabby stressed…

I Will Return to Acting After Elections... Rachael Oniga

Nollywood actress, Rachael Oniga, has disclosed that she will be returning to the screen full time after the elections are over.
The actress, who is the face of Jimi Agbaje’s campaign, explained that her involvement in politics is nothing new as she has been into for some time now.
She expressed her readiness to jump back to location full time immediately the elections are over explaining that she has been on set but has been on and off.
Rachael noted that though she is not involved in politics but would welcome any appointment with both hands if it comes her way.

Don’t Sell Your Body Cheap For Fame—IK Ogbonna

Actor-cum-model, IK Ogbonna is a toast of many ladies, who keep admiring him for his good looks and acting prowess. He is one of the new generations of actors sweeping ladies off their feet.
Many years ago, it was Ramsey Nouah, Jim Iyke, Ernest Azuzu, Ernest Obi, Pat Atah and few other actors that were admired by ladies
In the movie industry, it is a common knowledge that some actresses do anything to get to stardom, including sleeping with producers, directors and other crew members on movie sets.
But IK Ogbonna has advised ladies not to sell their bodies cheap in order to get famous in their professions, explaining the danger of doing such.
He said, "You have everything it takes to be successful. Selling your body is the cheapest way out. You make money but you are unfulfilled."
"Prosperity is not just having things. It is the consciousness that attracts the things. Prosperity is a way of living and thinking, and not just having money or things. Pove…

There Are No Cabals In Comedy Industry—Koffi

One of Nigeria’s most versatile comedians, Koffi Idowu Nuel, is not ready to give up on entertainment anytime soon or has plans to venture into other businesses.
Rather, Koffi is making serious efforts to spread his tentacles in the versatile entertainment industry with the introduction of his magazine programme, which will soon hit the airwaves anytime soon. engaged Koffi in a no-holds-barred interview despite his busy schedules. Enjoy.
So, what has Koffi been up to?
I have been up to work as usual. Set to release my new album on May 15. I have been on set of my new TV sitcom called ‘Pidgin Street’, which will be hitting the airwaves by July. My annual comedy event, ‘Koffi Out Of Control’ is also set for November 8 at MUSON Centre. Plans are underway for a new movie as well. Since ‘The Nanny’ got awarded as the best comedy movie of the year in 2013, we decided to chill for a bit. Comedy sketch/Magazine programme 'Funny Moments with Kof…

Ali Baba, Wife Celebrate 9 Years Of Marriage

Their love story, just like some others, was not filled with milk and honey, but Ali Baba and his beautiful wife are still together today celebrating their 9th wedding anniversary.
They met at a bank when the comedian went to open an account. She was the banker and he was the customer. Later, they had a baby together.
Things didn't work out for a while, but then they re-united, got married in 2006, and have been enjoying life as a blended family ever since.
The comedian shared this sweet message to his banker wife on his Instagram page and has been posting their photos on Twitter all morning.
“Happy Wedding Anniversary to us… It’s been a story of both ends… Sadness and joy, rich and poor, yes and no, here and there, fight and play, this and that, laugh and cry, hope and despair, high and low, yours and mine, plenty and scarce, friends and foes, we and them, good and bad… but here and now… we are still here forever and ever,” he wrote.

When Pastor Chris Oyakhilome 'Ran', Preach In Church With Face-cap

Chris Oyakhilome, the founder of the Believers Love World Ministries aka Christ Embassy, might be moving on from his marital troubles as he is spending his time getting fit in South Africa.
Enjoying the ambiance of the cool atmosphere of the coastal country, the man of God was in the company of other pastors as they ran the fields. Jumping hurdles, the men of God shared equality time to bond and get rimmed to shape.
Moving on, his joined other church members and preached in the cool wears of the track and field - joggers and wind breakers. However, noticeably the man of God had on his face-cap while preaching from the pulpit. Many faithfuls have raised the questions of why would the man of God have his cap on as against the 1 Corinthians 11 verse 4 (Every man praying or prophesying, having his head covered, dishonoureth his head.)

Anna Banner Lashes Out At A Fan For Calling Flavour A Tout

Former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Anna Ebiere Banner got into a heated argument with an Instagram fan recently for speaking ill of her alleged baby daddy, Flavour. Miss Banner had put up a picture she took with a friend of her and the fan who goes by @Ogamadam on IG went ahead to inquire about her baby bump which was nowhere to be seen in the picture but Anna fired back informing the lady that it was none of her business. When Flavour’s name was dragged into the argument, Anna went hard core on the the young lady. See the war of words that transpired on IG:


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Former Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Anna Ebiere Banner got into a heated argument with an Instagram fan recently for speaking ill of her alleged baby daddy, Flavour. Miss Banner had put up a picture she took with a friend of her and the fan who goes by @Ogamadam on IG went ah…

Why Celebs’ Marriages Don’t Last, But Mine Has Lasted—Chico Ejiro

Foremost Nollywood director, Chico Ejiro recently spoke about the incessant crash in marriages of celebrities in Nigeria. He also gave a hint of what could be the cause of such happening.
In a recent interview, the popular director as well shared the story behind his successful marriage.
“Why marriages don’t work in Nollywood; one day I will go and give them a small lecture. I’m sorry to say this; the girls feel they are too big, above the men, while the guys, those ones that cannot manage their marriages, believe in what we call king kong.
“King kong believes I’m too much, who is this woman? So, until they can come together, you the lady, you are submissive…you cannot have a husband and 24 hours you are on locations, everyday you travel round the world, next tomorrow you are in one party in London and you say you are a married woman. How will it work?
“Or because you are richer than the boy, you cannot cook for him, you employ a house girl or your younger sister to b…


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U.S Pastor Olusola Fabunmi Attacks Korede Bello

The Easter celebration may have come and gone with various celebrations both within and outside the country but what some might seems not to understand is the way some things are done in the Christiandom.
A United State base Pastor, Olusola Fabunmi, has condemned the invitation of Mavin artiste, Korede Bello to sing his popular hit "Godwin" in a church.
This call was coming after the fast rising singer was a guest invited to perform his hit track song at the Harvesters International Christian Centre, in Lekki.
Read Pastor Fabunmi's thoughts and decide if he's right
Korede Bello is a young man I love personally, and have nothing against him. But its written here, that when we chose the way of the world, we have clearly chosen our paths; becoming an enemy of God.
Please, there must be a clearly defined boundaries of who sings, and /or ministers in churches.
Some of the questions that come to mind are; is he born again? Sanctified with the spirit of God and…

TuFace Finally Reveals Why He Dropped Out Of School

The name 2Face Idibia is attached to different personalities. While some people see him as a talented singer, others tend to judge him based on his personal or private life. But whichever way, the Benue State-born singer is a young living legend in the Nigerian music industry. It is no news that the father of seven did not finish his tertiary education, which he admitted and sang about in one of his songs shortly after he went solo.
But the multiple award-winning artiste has explained why he dropped out of school. According to him, he opted out of school because he was robbed.
2Face told Views Channel in an interview that the incident left him devastated and led to his decision to leave school to face music.
"I got robbed sometime in school. All my audio cassettes that I recorded they took them. I was sad for like a year plus. I dropped out and I am like look I am not continuing this thing I am going to follow music.
“I actually confessed to my parents. I told th…

9ice Becomes Special Adviser to Governor of Oyo State

Consistency actually pays off for those that persist and stays focus. This is the case of singer 9ice, who has stayed focus in his political ambition despite not winning but very happy for making an attempt.
The singer had joined the All Progressive Congress last year 2014, to contest for the seat of Ogbomosho Federal constituency but lost at the party’s primaries. Though he was not angry about it, but he was happy with himself to have made an attempt and was in high hopes for the future.
Well, the future has come looking for him after several criticisms about his ability to lead others considering his pedigree in the entertainment industry and moral standards. The singer was surprised when Governor of Oyo state, Abiola Ajimobi, called him into his cabinet.
9ice was recently made one of the special advisers to the governor and will be resuming duty any time soon.