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Halima Abubakar Resumes Social Media After Quitting In 2016

Nollywood actress, Halima Abubakar joined the list of entertainers of goes off and on their social media network like Nigeria’s epileptic power supply. She left social media, Instagram to be precise December 31st 2016 leaving many of her fans in shock as they didn’t know what to expect if she would comeback or not. Finally after few weeks, she made a comeback yesterday, 24th of January 2017 and so many of her fans jubilated and welcomed her back. Meanwhile, some of her colleagues who also missed her on the well-used and most abused platform, Instagram, took to her page to welcome her. According to the actress, her departure from the platform was due to the fact that she needed to sort out some personal things.

Leave My Marriage Alone! Infidelity Can Never Break My Marriage -- Foluke Daramola Boasts

Nollywood actress, Foluke Daramola Salako has openly admonished critics to leave details of her marriage out of the public sphere and leave her marriage alone. This warning came after someone had seen her husband, Kayode Salako at an outing with his female friend, and sent a text message to the actress. Salako however explained through a statement obtained by Saturday Tribune during the week, stating that his marriage is not a bondage but an understanding union between two mature individuals. While reacting to this, Foluke Daramola exclusively told Saturday Tribune via a phone conversation. “This was not about someone sending a text to me about seeing my husband with another lady, it is about people insinuating that whatever he does on social media means that I am having problems with my marriage. He was just reacting to the fact that our marriage is intact. I want people to mind their business concerning my marriage. It’s overflogged already, everything about me is my marriage, my ma…

Femi Jacob Defends Why He Is Not Ready To Get Married Soon

Not everyone can die for love or even champion love. Nollywood actor , Femi Jacob, is still single with his good looks and commanding influence, yet he is one of the most eligible bachelors in Nollywood. Femi is not even ready to abandon the ship of bachelorhood anytime soon He said "...For me, marriage is a resting place; it is a place where you can scale your dream up to another level. I want to be at a particular level of settlement before I go into marriage. Also, there is a space and time for everyone. I love the concept of love even though I am not a champion for it; I am not a champion for romance. If I was one, I would have been married at the age of 25. But I believe it is part of life and culture to an extent. I think love is beautiful. It is a beautiful thing to love someone and to be loved back by the same person.” He added “I think marriage should be a practical issue instead. It should be personal to everyone. I have been lucky; I have about six siblings who are all…

Tonto Dikeh’s Husband, OLakunle Churchill Going Into Politics? Spotted With Obasanjo, Jonathan

The marriage Brouhaha of Tonto Dikeh and nephew to Obansanjo, OLakunle Churchill is still been blown out of Proportion, with various rumor flying around. The philanthropist was recently sighted in the company of two ex-president of Nigeria which has drawn unanswered questions from many. He was gracefully in the entourage of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and ex-president Ebele Jonathan who had a meeting together and also took some time to play games while relaxing. Although it is known that OLusegun Obasanjo is his uncle but the duo is hardly seen together in public. Meanwhile, many still have the strong believe that Olakunle Churchill is a biological son to Olusegun Obasanjo due to the facial resemblance. However, the pictures has got many feeling Olakunle might be having plans into going into politics soon while trying to learn more from both Ex-presidents.

Olakunle Churchill Adds More Fuel To His Marriage Brouhaha!

Tonto Dikeh marriage to the nephew of OBJ, Olakunle Churchill is allegedly still facing troubles as they have not been able resolve their differences. So many fans had been pleading with the actress to let go of whatever grievances she is nursing and work on her marriage before another woman snicks in to take over her home. While many were still hopeful that things would get better between the couple soon, a bombshell was dropped today. For 11 months Tonto Dikeh has been hiding the face of her little cutie while waiting for the right and appropriate time to unveil his face, but her husband, Olakunle squashed her efforts. In what many think might be a spite as the couple is allegedly on longer head, Olakunle unveiled the face of their baby to wish him an happy 11 months. Tonto who celebrated their son via social media earlier than the husband, made use of her pregnancy photo unknown to her that her husband would reveal the face of their baby. This act of his we think is deliberate and …


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I am Happy to be a Grandmother- Actress Chioma Akpotha

Nollywood actress Chioma Akpotha is filled with much joy as she thanks God for giving her a grandchild.
In the Igbo tradition when a mother dies the first daughter of the house becomes the mother for the rest of her siblings. This was what happened to Chioma after she lost her mother. She took up the responsibility of a mother.
She shared her excitement in the social media to fans and loved ones as she appreciates God for bringing another soul to the family. The baby is the newborn of Chioma’s younger brother Tochukwu Maurice /chukwuka.
According to her,For today I give God all the praise ! I am a grandmother again (as Egoyibo has passed the torch to me). @iam_jimdandy and @fugarson gave me the prettiest niece/granddaughter . Baby, Mummy and Daddy are doing just fine !

Tonto Dikeh’s Husband, Adekunle Churchill Squashes Hide and Seek Game to Reveal Baby’s Face!

After so many months of hide and seek by Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh who refused to reveal the face of her little one to the world.
Many had chastised her for always teasing fans with back view of the baby just like her colleague, Nadia Buari whom many have been eager to know what he looks like.
Today, the little man clocks 11 months old and after the actress celebrated him on her social media page with sweet words, her husband did the same but in a unique way.
Olakunle Churchill seems to be tired of the hide and seek game played by his wife and had gone ahead to reveal his face.
While celebrating the cutie, Olakunle shared a photo of himself and his son while showering him with prayers.


Nigerian Idris Elba, Richard Mofe Damijo is one actor that is highly loved and respected in the entertainment industry.
He is one actor who can leave the entertainment scene for so many years to return years later and still remain relevant.
At his age, his fashion sense is always on point not to talk about his good looks that still makes younger women fall helplessly in love with him.
At the just concluded Alibaba’s concert which took place on the first of January 2017, the comedian left many laughing out loud when he took to the stage to crack jokes.
Who knew he also had talent for comedy? Not so many knew about it. While owning the stage, the actor who lamented about being forced by his friend, Alibaba to put on a tuxedo suit and bow tie, undressed on stage.
He took off his suit and tie to have a causal look of a body hug round neck top and a waist coat, saying “who suit help”.
It’s no wonder why he is loved by so many.

My wife Toasted me-Yemi Solade

Veteran Nollywood actor, Yemi Solade has made it known that it was his second wife,Hannah Marsh that toasted him before they got married.
The actor who was formerly married and divorced because his first wife relocated abroad and being afrocentric, he could not relocate with her met his second wife at Wale Adenuga Movie production.
The actor who saw his meeting with his second wife as a script written by God which they played out said he was not really interested in going into a relationship with half caste because he felt they were very expensive to maintain
In his words,“I had previously been married, but my first wife left me and went abroad. I met my current wife on the set of Wale Adenuga’s Super Story. God indeed has a sense of humour because I met two half-castes that year, Lilian Bach and Hannah Marsh. Lilian played my wife, while Hannah acted as my secretary in that particular production. I liked Hannah, but I initially did not want to get involved with half-ca…