Nigeria's R & B  portharcourt based Artiste, MATINNA recently dropped a new single titled "BOBO". The artiste has being in full force for the past few weeks due to her increased career path  and ever increasing fan base. MATINNA, whose real name is Cecilia Ewa is currently trending with her new song that centers on lovers desires for each other with a well orchestrated Afrocentric beat.

The song BOBO is presently occuppying number two spoton Ukalasblog top five songs in its few days of release.  BOBO, a well scripted love song  typically define MATINNA's artistry prowess in  music with hitech instrumentation which  gives the song all necessary bounce to keep it running till fade.

The Artiste brings a laid back flow on the track, keeping her cool while getting her message across. It's a track loaded with lyrical mastery but MATINNA's Afrocentric song makes this track a perfect song for all lovers of good music out there.

The song " BOBO ", produced by indiana is available for listening and download on various music blog which also include her YouTube channel named Cecilia Ewa.


Her social media handle are MATINNA Ewa on Facebook and @Ewamatinna on twitter.

Truly with the release of  BOBO,  MATINNA is ahead in the game.


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