On Sunday 6th October, 2019, all roads leads to the Arena Events center in GRA phase 2, Portharcourt,  as the Active plays house will be dishing out its artistic prowess in a play titled 'THE STRUGGLE',  as directed by Daniel Kpodoh.

In this interview with, Daniel Kpodoh tell us what the play THE STRUGGLES  is really all about.

Why the Play ‘The Struggle’?

The Struggle is a play that portrays the travails and woes of the Niger Delta people as they struggle to overcome the negative implications the discovery of oil has had on the land. It is a play about the common people, and the efforts that have been put into rising above the difficulties. This struggle isn’t over, and it is important to both keep encouraging the people of the progress we have made, and to show others just how dire the sufferings of the common man are.

What impact are you expecting the Play ‘The Struggle’ to Play in the Niger Delta?

The Struggle will boost the morale of the people and encourage those already working towards the betterment of the Niger Delta. It shows the people of the Niger Delta that their sufferings have not been forgotten, and in this way, gives them more confidence to keep fighting for their cause.

Looking inwards, don’t you think the Niger Delta itself has being unfair to its cause?

No, I don’t. Of course mistakes have been made and there have been bad decisions, but that is true in every aspect of life. All we can do is learn from the mistakes so we don’t make the same errors of the past, and find better ways to achieve our goals.  This is exactly what the play The Struggle is about: reminding both the leaders and the people of the Niger Delta of the efforts of the past—those that yielded positive impact and those that were negative in retrospect—so we can keep fighting for our cause in ways that benefit everyone.

What do you think the political leaders in Niger Delta need to do to change the narratives of the Niger Delta?

First of all, the leaders must work on encouraging the youths to become truly educated and find non-violent ways to push for the betterment of the area. Secondly, the little revenue coming from both the Government and the private companies must be put to good use. I know there have been complaints that this is not in any way enough compared to the revenue generated by the region, but that which we have right now must be used to improve the state of the region through education, capital projects and most importantly, empowering and support small and medium entrepreneurs. The people of the Niger Delta are good and hardworking and the country must begin to see us for what we truly are.

What message do you think the play the Struggle will impact on the Niger Delta youths?

The play The Struggle will give them hope and remind them that violence is not the key to solving our problems, but rather education.

Finally, what are we expecting to see differently in the play ‘The Struggle’ in respect to all other plays directed by you?

All my plays have something in common: they teach a lesson and pass a salient message. However The Struggle passes one that impacts both the entire community and speaks to each of us individually.


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