Robots For Christ- We’re Planning On Having More Members

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Robots for Christ, the group that recently won the Nigerians Got Talents season 2 show and went home with N10 million, are not going to reveal how they would spend this money, however, they have agreed that they would be shooting a dance video soon while the rest may be used for some investments.

During the competition, they had said “We were pretty scared when we was entering this competition and we weren't sure we were going to make it through. But based on the support and motivation of my friends and management, we were able to enter and scale through the competition.”

What kept them going to the finals “We believe that all things are possible with God and so we look up to God for support and inspiration and hopefully, we intend to stay at the top in order to step up our game and do things we have not done before. We’ll be putting more effort into dancing and using this platform as a medium to reach out to the whole world and not Nigeria alone.”

They have plans in increasing in number “There is power in number but for our style of dance, three is a crowd. We’re planning on having more members but for stage performances, it’s going to be just two people per segment like in a duo group. Definitely we are planning on shooting a dance video. Strictly speaking it’s going to be just a dance video and maybe, along the line, we could feature some artistes. But for now they should just expect our dance videos.”


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