Victoria Angel Anna is the recently crowned miss cross river culture and heritage beauty pegeant 2013.In this interview with topnews Eric olusesan, she reveals her dreams and plans to promote the brand 'cross river state'.

What motivated you into pageantary?

I entered pageantry because i needed a platform that will help me be a voice for young people,especially teenagers from dysfunctional homes.

Did you know you will win the contest?
Well, i was hopeful that i'd win.

Are your parent in support of your being a model?

 Yes my parents are very supportive of what i do.
What innovation are you bringing into the brand cross river state?
I will help promote the brand Cross river state by being a worthy Ambassador for the state and of course exporting our rich cultural heritage and core values as a people to the outside world.

What is your advice for the girl child?
My advice for the girl child is get some education.Because without it,man is a mere savage.After that,arise and chase your dreams.God gives every bird its worm,but it doesn't throw it inside the nest. You have to work hard to achieve your dreams

Where do you see yourself in 5years time?
Hmmm... 5years from now, God willing i should have reached the apex of pageantry,become an accomplished author ,highly sought after life coach and educationist with my doctorate degree.

What are your likes?
I like whatever is pure, good and true. I dislike whatever that is evil and negative

Your final word?

Last word for Nigerian youths,put God first in everything you do,align yourself with him,he will bring the desires of your heart to pass.


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