Meet 25 Hot HAUSA Actresses Who Are Single


The Hausa movie industry (Kannywood) has several talented actesses, who have won the hearts of many movie watchers not only in the Northern part of the country but the country as a whole.  These screen divas are blessed with good looks and mind blowing physiques that can easily make a man go weak.  The amazing thing about all these babes is that they are all single, a fact that is an added advantage to their career because in Kannywood, actresses are either single or divorced, to be in the industry, due largely to cultural and religious issues in this part of the country. 

          Rahama Hassan is one of the pretty and classy single babes in the industry who are in great demand at the moment.  This fine-faced actress had a fast rise in the industry and became hot cake with many producers.  This University of Abuja graduate is pretty, she has guts, which many of her colleagues detest.  Notwithstanding, Rahama is one lady who has her eyes on the top.  She is single, and expectedly with unending love advances from many big boys, she is said to be in an altar-bound romance with a certain big boy.

          This screen goddess is another pretty face in the industry.  Hadiza is a Gobonese.  She is one of the latest entrants into the industry who captivate the viewers with their beauty.  Hadiza is very humble and respectful to her senior colleagues in the industry.  She nurses the ambition of moving to her home country of Gabon after her career to settle down.

          Jamila is a very hot single babe with a lot going for her in the acting career.  She is blessed with a pretty face and flawless skin that hold many men spellbound.  She joined the industry many years back, but a few years ago, top producer, Aminu Saira brought her into the limelight in his monster hit movie, jamila da jamilu.  Since then, there hasn’t been any looking back for the Globacom Ambassador.  She has been several linked with a good number of Big Boys in the North.

          Pretty, light-skinned Zainab “Indomine” as she is called, is one of the single babes in the industry.  She has been romantically linked with several men in and out of the industry; the most recent being Hassan Mohammed Lawal, a former Federal Minister, who dumped her after fixing a wedding date, for another non-actress.  Though their marriage plans failed to sail through.  Zainab is said to have enjoyed many good things of life money can buy from him before their affair hit the rocks.  After several failed relationships, she has gone back to her ex lover, Adam A Zango, who is also an actor.

          Fati Nijar is a household name in the Hausa music industry.  She has made fame and fortune from music.  She performs at A-list weddings in the North, with many albums to her credit.  Fati was in a relationship with another Hausa musician, Ali Jita that went sour.  Right now, she is on the list of hot single babes in the industry.  Recently in an interview, she said she is searching for true love and not some guy who will love her for her fame and money.

          Nafisa is one fast rising actress in Kannywood.  She’s fast becoming a household name within a short time in the industry.  She is slim, dark and beautiful, with Innocent looks that makes her a delight of many and considering the number of movies she has featured in, she is very much at home with FKD Production owned by top producer.  Amnu Saria.  Nafisat is very much single.

          She is one  of the reigning queens in the industry and one of the big babes with class.  Rasheda Adamu loves the good things of life, such as fashionable clothes and  flashy cars.  Her career has been on the rise since she joined the industry.

          Zee Zee is one of the highly famous actresses who have a lot of cash rolling in for her, thanks to her God-given talents.  She is an actress-cum- musician, with some albums  to her credit.  Zee Zee was the first actress to drive a Hummer Jeep in the North among her many other wonders-on-wheel.  She  has been romantically linked with many Big Boys, among whom is a top Kano businessman, called Dan China, who later dumped her for her younger sister.  Also popular musician, Timaya was linked  to her.  The latest now is former President Ibrahim Babangida, which she said promised to marry her.  Some of her colleagues don’t believe this IBB story of hers one bit.

          Maryam is a promising teenage actress in the industry with great potentials.  She joined the industry at the age of 5.   She plays supporting roles most times and she always delivers impressively.

          She was once married before she joined the industry.  She is one of the oldest actresses in the industry who have done well for themselves.  Sadiya Gyale as she is called because of her unique way of wearing her veil, is pretty and petite.

          Safiya is a Shuwa Arab Beauty Queen who rocked the industry in its early years.  She has since gone a low profile to find herself a husband after the child-birth rumour that trailed her years back.

          She is an actress-cum-dancer, Zinab Idris dazzles viewers with her electrifying dance steps in movies.  Though she was once linked with one Abbas Sadiq, the relationship has since hit the rocks.  She has kept a low profile since then.

          This is another top Hausa musician who is very famous and rich.  In most of her songs, she sings praises to Allah.  Recently she was honoured as the Queen of songs by wife of the Emir of Kano.  Despite her success, she is still very single.

          She is another notable Kannywood actess who is very pretty with great curves.  Hafsat Shehu loves western dressing, which always looks good on her.  She is single, living life to the fullest.  She is said not to have been legally divorced from her ex-husband.

          Aisha is slim, dark and pretty.  She is yet another single babe in Kannywood.

          She is one of those early actresses who rocked the scene in the early days of the industry.  She was linked with one late Ahmed Nuhu, the brother of Ali Nuhu, the top Kannywood actor.  The relationship failed.  She later got married to one Awalu, a marriage which also failed. Maryam  is back in the industry.  She once said she prefers trying marriage again to coming back to the industry.

          Samira is tall, elegant and very stylish; she is one of the top glamorous actresses in Kannywood.  She once dated star actor Sani Danjar and everyone thought the relationship would lead to marriage but he ended up marrying another actress.  Musura Isa.  Due to this, she left his production outfit, 2 effects to float hers.  Right now, she is in a hot romance with another actor.  TY Shaban.

          She is another hot single babe in the industry.  Hauwa Waraka married at age 14, though the marriage has since packed up, and has remained single.  Hauwa is currently not known to be dating anyone, whether in the industry or outside it.

          At the risk of sounding immodest, Farida Lawal is every man’s dream.  She was once married and her marriage was alleged to have been crashed by a popular Kano producer, Ibrahim Mandan, when he lured her into acting.  She is blessed with an intimidating “Figure 8” body structure that will make any man melt.

          Sadika Jibrin is one of the new entrants into the industry.  She is signle.

          Pretty and light-complexioned Fatima Wahsa is one of the highly sought-after actresses in Kannywood, due to her skilful  and professional delivery of roles.  This beautiful actress has a warm and charming personality that endear her to movie lovers.  She is single.


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